President Papazian

Mary A. Papazian
President's Cabinet Organizational Chart



Ellen Durnin
Ellen Durnin
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs Organizational Chart



Photo of Executive VP Mark Rozewski
Mark Rozewski
Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
Finance & Administration Organizational Chart


tracy tyree

Tracy Tyree
Vice President for Student Affairs
Student Affairs Organizational Chart


Robert Stamp

Robert L. Stamp
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Institutional Advancement Organizational Chart


Rob Rennie


Robert Rennie
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Information Technology Organizational Chart


jaye bailey


Jaye Bailey
Chief of Staff / Vice President for Organizational Development
Human Resources Organizational Chart


Terricita Sass


Terricita E. Sass
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Enrollment Management Organizational Chart