threats to employees/students

Guide for Helping Students in Distress

A threat to any member of the campus community -- whether it is to oneself or to another person -- is taken with the utmost seriousness by the university. These threats can be made personally, but can also be made in a variety of ways -- email, text messaging, letters, through another person, etc.  They can also be direct, or more subtle.

Individual and Group Safety Information

There is no exact method to predict when a person will become violent. One or more of these warning signs may be displayed before a person becomes violent, but does not necessarily indicate that an individual will become violent. A display of these signs should trigger concern as they are usually exhibited by people experiencing problems:

Prevention Policy 

Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy The State of Connecticut has adopted a statewide zero tolerance policy for workplace violence. The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) fully supports this policy and recognizes the right of its employees to work in a safe and secure environment that is characterized by respect and professionalism.

Prohibited Conduct

Except as may be required as a condition of employment:

In addition, DAS prohibits:


Reporting Procedure

Threats To Employees/Students

Investigation and Corrective Action

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