The university photographer documents everyday life on the campus as well as newsworthy events and takes environmental portraits and headshots of faculty, staff, and students.  


The photographer's primary responsibility is to provide images for purposes of the public affairs office.  First priority is given to major events, including events hosted by the president, the Distinguished Lecture series and other notable guests, select sports events, holiday and other university celebrations, awards ceremonies, commencement, and convocation.

These images may appear in the Southern Alumni Magazine, Southern Life (published 10 times per year), alumni materials, advertisements, news releases, bulletins, department brochures, directories, and handbooks.  These images may also be used by media with permission from Public Affairs and must include the appropriate photo credit.

Upon request, the university photographer may be available to cover events and provide images for other departments on campus and for other university purposes.


Request for Services [link to come]

Photography services are only available upon written request and depend upon the availability of the photographer.  There may be a charge to a university department for enlargements, digital files, and services.   (Click here for schedule of fees.)  To request photo services, please fill out the online request form three weeks before the event, or if three weeks' notice cannot be given, as early as possible before the event.  Requests submitted the day before or the day of the event may be honored only at the discretion of the public affairs office.  
Faculty and Staff Portraits

Faculty and staff members can have professional portraits taken for use in university publications, Web pages, or professional publications.  There is no charge for professional portrait services.  Portrait sessions will be scheduled periodically throughout each semester.  (Click here for current dates scheduled for portraits.)  Notice will be sent out with dates, and faculty may sign up for new or updated portraits/headshots at this time. 


The public affairs office maintains a database of faculty headshots and campus stock images.  These images will be made available to other university departments and outside media agencies as needed.  A fee may apply.   Please call Public Affairs to schedule an appointment to view or copy stock images for print or Web purposes.  


All faculty, staff, and students who have portraits made by the university photographer or participate in a photo session for other university purposes must fill out a Photo Release Form.  A photo release is not necessary for many public events and crowd shots where obtaining releases beforehand is infeasible.