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Our office is located right here on campus!

Come to the Facilities Operations building at the East end of campus- we are just inside the entrance on the main floor! Feel free to stop by anytime.

Who We Are

Heather Stearns

Recycling Coordinator, Facilities
(203) 392-6931


Suzanne Huminski, M.S.

Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities
Adjunct Science Education & Environmental Studies
(203) 392-7135


MichelleMichelle Ritchie

Undergraduate Intern
Geography Major, Environmental Studies Minor
(203) 392-7137

Jacob Gant

Undergradute Intern
Business Major, Sustainability Concentration
(203) 392-7137

For more specific questions on campus sustainability initiatives, please use the contact information provided below.

Campus Garden and composting

Michelle Ritchie
Undergraduate Student

Jacob Gant
Undergraduate Student