Building Green

Campus Planning and Design

To preserve open space, new construction proposed in the master plan will strive to use previously developed building sites. New buildings will be several stories high, keeping development compact. Most construction sites will use existing parking areas as work areas, and wherever possible, existing buildings will be renovated to meet program needs before new construction is considered.

New construction, renovations, and retrofitting are all planned with the goals of the Presidents Climate Commitment to carbon neutrality as a very high priority. These large scale projects are sequenced in order to achieve the largest carbon emission reductions possible, while still maintaining the university's educational, social, and fiscal responsibilities.

New Construction  

Between now and 2020, Southern will continue to undergo significant physical transformation. In order to meet Connecticut's stringent environmental standards for state funding eligibility, each construction or renovation project totaling $5 million or more will meet a minimum LEED Silver rating. Throughout the next decade, Southern will build two new academic buildings: a science laboratory and a building for the School of Social Work. Southern will also renovate the former student center to house the School of Business. All three of these buildings will meet a minimum of LEED Silver standards, which means they will be highly energy efficient and most likely will incorporate renewable energy installations like solar panels or vegetated roofs into their designs.

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