About IT

Information Technology at Southern Connecticut State University develops and maintains a modern information technology infrastructure in support of University’s mission in teaching, learning, research, and public services. IT oversees services in academic and administrative computing, telecommunication, wired and wireless networking, instructional technologies, technology trainings, high tech classrooms, central web hosting, and enterprise applications.  It also collaborates closely with other CSUS institutions on technology initiatives. IT is led by the Chief Information Officer who is responsible for long-range strategic planning and implementation of information technology at SCSU.


Telecom and Operation Services Group - Advanced telecommunication services; facilities security and management.

Enterprise Applications Group - Development and management of software applications that support university’s operation.

Support Services Group - Support services used by students, faculty, and staff; desktop management and deployment; software licensing and inventory; high-tech classrooms.

Systems and Infrastructure Group - Maintain and operate computer servers and peripherals that in support of enterprise applications, messaging systems, network infrastructure, databases, mass storage and backup systems.

Teaching and Learning Technologies Group - Technology in teaching and learning; adaptive technologies, support for distance education and technology trainings.