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Everbridge Emercengy Notification System

Everbridge is an Emergency Notification System that is being implemented at the ConnSCU level this summer. This new system will replace Southern's currently implemented MIR3 system.

The following implementation goals are currently in place:

1.    Create an automated process to preload the ENS with data from Banner on a scheduled basis (schedule to be determined).
2.    Create a form (Banner Self-Service) for faculty and students to update their contact information during the registration process.
3.    Application support procedures will be determined during our implementation planning calls with Everbridge.
4.    Create an ENS guidelines document for the Everbridge system.

This is a high-priority system-wide initiative. The initial configuration/kick-off meeting was held on May 16th and the plan is for the new system to be in place by July 28th as the current contract with MIR3 expires on August 8th.