Graduate Student Research

Southern's graduate students and faculty collaborate on a host of vital research projects, from student theses and Graduate Fellowships to specialized research in a faculty member's area of expertise.

Our dynamic research activity creates a powerful attraction for grant contributions from the government, private, and corporate sponsors. This section includes links to such research, as well as links to research forms and funding sources.

*** Please note: all the forms below will open in a new window as a PDF. Please download and fill out the forms, as they apply to your research.

Special Project/Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines

Special Project/Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Form

Thesis/Dissertation Title Page Form

Sample Thesis/Dissertation Title Page

Thesis/Dissertation Acceptance Form

Special Project Acceptance Form


December 19, 2014
May 15, 2015
August 21, 2015
Note: These are the last dates in which the School of Graduate Studies can ensure that a thesis, dissertation or special project will be processed in time for graduation in the semester in which it is presented. Please note that these dates do not necessarily correspond with the dates set by the registrar for submission of the application for awarding of the degree, which takes into account the time necessary to include the student's name in the Commencement Program.

Funding Sources:

Graduate Student Research Competitive Scholarships