Graduate Assistantship (GSGA)

The Graduate School Graduate Assistantship (GSGA) is a non-need based award administered
through the School of Graduate Studies and is contingent upon: (1) acceptance
to a graduate degree or sixth-year certificate; (2) the achievement of a minimum
3.2 grade point average for all undergraduate coursework; and (3) a 3.75 grade point
average for all graduate coursework.
Students must be enrolled full-time during the year of the award. Students cannot
hold other University supported positions (such as graduate student worker; graduate
research fellow; graduate teaching assistant; research administrative assistant; resident
advisor; graduate intern, or adjunct faculty) while holding the GSGA award.
GSGA awardees will be required to complete an average of 20 contact hours of work
per week during the academic year. Specifc activities will be dependent on the nature
of the assistantship offered by the department/administrative unit and approved by
the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. Two types of GSGA’s are: (1) graduate
teaching assistantship; and (2) graduate research assistantship.
Each GSGA award involves a scholarship/stipend totaling $12,000 for the academic
year. Up to ten awards will be made for the academic year by the Dean of the School
of Graduate Studies.