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Volunteer Abroad (Service Learning)


Volunteer Abroad GraphicThe Office of International Education offers a number of options for students looking to volunteer their time or complete their field work abroad. More and more Southern students are choosing to pursue volunteering and service learning programs due to their low costs and incredibly rewarding work.

Southern Connecticut State University has partnered with several organizations dedicated to delivering student volunteers where they’re needed most around the world. We challenge our students to take advantage of the opportunity to do good, whether they’re providing childcare services in Romania, doing social work in Morocco or helping to conserve the precious wildlife of Nepal.

SCSU offers 1-2 semester programs for those interested in service learning, as well as volunteer opportunities as short as one week. Many of our affiliates include excursions or extra-curricular activities like surfing or hiking in the costs of their programs.These programs are commitments, so it's important to be realistic about how much time you'll want to spend in the field. 

With volunteer opportunities in virtually every field, it’s never been easier to have an impact on the world while earning credit or field hours toward your degree. Check out our affiliates and browse their program offerings to get started making a difference! 

 "The clinic I volunteered at was by far the biggest thing that I took from my quest. The children taught me just as much, if not more then I taught them. Working there everyday was the definition of cross-cultural understanding. Each of the children impacted my life in a different way and I will forever be grateful for everything United Planet gave me the opportunity to experience throughout my quest."                                                  - Presley W. (United Planet)

"My experience in Costa Rica was truly life changing.  Cultural Embrace gave me the opportunity to experience rural life and provided adequate flexibility to allow me to travel and explore Costa Rica.  The work was rewarding and the leisure time was always a blast.  Experiencing "farm life," and contributing to the community were essentials of my C.E. experience, the life-long friendships I established far surpass any other aspect of my trip."
                                                                             - Joe (Cultural Embrace)