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CEMS Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg has been teaching mathematics for 17 years at the middle-school, high-school, and collegiate levels. He has also served as a K-12 Mathematics Coordinator for a school district. Currently, he teaches mainly mathematics for elementary teacher courses for both pre-service and in-service teachers. Additionally, he is involved in two state grants that address algebra skills for middle-school and high-school teachers.


Presentation topics:

  • Using Technology to Enhance Mathematics (Gr. K-6). We will examine how virtual manipulatives, as well as software such as Excel, can make mathematics more meaningful for students.
  • Integrating Mathematics & Other Curricular Areas. (Gr. K-8)
  • Activities to Enrich the Algebra 1 Curriculum (Gr. 6-12)

*LCD Projector Required for Presentations