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CEMS Scott M. Graves

Scott Michael Graves is an Associate Professor in the School of Arts & Sciences, Department of Science Education and Environmental Studies, where he conducts research on science teaching, teaches education and environmental science courses (undergraduate and graduate) and is coordinator for the Science Teacher Certification Program. 

With graduate degrees in Education (Ph.D. University of Idaho) as well as Geology and Geophysics/Oceanography (B.S. University of California at Santa Cruz) and M.S. (Graduate School of Oceanography: University of Rhode Island) and experience in science and science education research and teaching, as well as curriculum development, Dr. Graves has worked in the University setting as well as private industry and the non-profit sector.



Description of Presentation:

What Does a Cloud Weigh? Investigating the invisible, and the counter-intuitive. What seems so obvious, is perhaps not so. Who hasn't seen clouds floating in the sky? But what exactly are clouds? And do they weigh anything? What "mass" is hanging over us, and what does this mean to the system of natural processes that make life possible on planet Earth?

*LCD projector is required for presentation