Additional Anthropology Programs

B.S. Internships

 Internships in the B.S. degree track emphasize the real life experience of anthropology. They allow students to apply anthropological coursework to real world issues, situations, and institutions. The internship, therefore, becomes a key component in the four B.S. degree concentrations and in the B.S. option without a concentration.

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Field Experiences

The Anthropology Department offers cultural/archaeological field experiences in Connecticut and abroad, in such areas as East Africa and Latin America.


Liberal Arts and Secondary Education Programs

After completing ANT 101, the student selects five additional courses in anthropology. With the approval of the department, courses in sociology or related fields may be substituted.


The minor concentration of 18 credits in anthropology, taken with the consent of the department, includes the University Requirement, ANT 101 plus any five courses in anthropology.


Interdisciplinary Minor: Social Science and Medicine

Completion of this minor enhances the undergraduate education of students who pursue professional careers in the medical field (e.g., doctor, nurses), field of social work and public health, research careers related to medicine (e.g., sociology, history of medical, medical anthropology, environmental health) or business administration within health services. The minor will require a total of 18 credits but no more than 9 credits from any one discipline.