Meet The Faculty

Department Chair

Michael Rogers, Ph.D., Professor, Archaeology
(203) 392-5677

Department Secretary

Anna M. Scanlon
(203) 392-7003


Valerie A. Andrushko, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Biological Anthropology

Joseph C. Manzella, Ph. D., Professor, Cultural Anthropology 
(203) 392-5803

Kenneth McGill, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Linguistic Anthropology
(203) 392-8919 

Kathleen Skoczen, Ph.D., Professor, Cultural Anthropology
(203) 392-5679


Rosalyn Amenta, Ph.D.
Frank Crohn, M.A.
Rosemary Diaz, M.A.
Lorraine Hawkins, Ph. D.
Kenneth Zercie, M.S.      

Retired as of Spring 2011

Marie Selvaggio , Ph.D., Professor, Archaeology
If you need to contact Dr. Selvaggio, please contact the Department Office at (203) 392-7003.


Simon D. Messing, Ph.D.