Fall 2008 Special Topics Courses in Anthropology

 3 Credits in 8 Weeks!

Gona Ethiopia Site 2006
~ Archaeology in Africa ~

CRN:13005 ~ ANT 298 - 02  Instructor: Dr. Michael J. Rogers
Mondays & Wednesdays
05:00 pm-07:30 pm ~ 09/02-10/25 (8 WEEKS)

Students will learn about African Prehistory from the earliest archaeological record in the world (approximately 2.5 million years ago), to the rise of the early African kingdoms a few thousand years ago. He most prominent sites, particularly those in eastern and southern African, will be featured. Recent discoveries and current debates within the fields of African Paleoanthropology and Prehistory will also be discussed. The course will involve PowerPoint presentations of sites and artifacts from the professor's travels and research, relevant videos on prehistoric sites in Africa, class discussions, and hands-on laboratory assignments.