Chemistry Department faculty and staff



Full-Time Faculty


First row (l-r): Drs. Barnes, Kowalczyk, Pang, and Lesley.
Second row (l-r): Drs. Solbrig, Coca, Kearns, Webb, and Karatjas.


Dr. M. J. Gerald Lesley
Inorganic Chemistry/
Organometallic Chemistry/General Chemistry

Dr. Greg Kowalczyk
Associate Professor

Environmental Chemistry/
General Chemistry

Dr. Jiongdong Pang
Associate Professor


Dr. Adiel Coca
Associate Professor
Organic Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Jeffrey A. Webb
Chair, Assistant Professor
Chemical Education

Dr. Ericka C. Barnes
Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry/Computational Chemistry

Dr. James Kearns
Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator (CHE 120, 121)
Analytical Chemistry/General Chemistry 

Dr. Todd Ryder
Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator (CHE 101, 103, 125)
Chemical Genomics/General Chemistry  

Dr. Kevin Barry
Assistant Professor
General Chemistry 

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emeritus Faculty


Dr. William Condon,
Professor Emeritus
Analytical/Instrumental Chemistry

Dr. Nate Lerner,
Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry/Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Ronald Panicci,
Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry

Dr. George P. Puerscher,
Professor Emeritus
Analytical/Quantitative Analysis

Dr. Phillip Horrigan,
Professor Emeritus
Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. James Barrante,
Professor Emeritus
Physical Chemistry/General Chemistry 



Part-time Faculty

Marc Horowitz
Jason Gerbino
Saroj Kapoor
Raymond Letize
Jan Pikul
Carlos Quimbaya
Dr. Rex Ren
Dr. Camille Solbrig
Dr. Yigui Wang







Office: JE 343
Phone: (203) 392-6260



Janet Sanford

Janet Sanford
Stockroom Manager


Office: JE 120
Phone: (203) 392-2674




Dr. Yigui WangDr. Yigui Wang
Laboratory Assistant


Office: JE 327 
Phone: (203) 392-6983