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Advertising and Promotions

This specialization explores the use of creativity and the construction of effective visual and verbal messages for various media: print, audio, video, and electronic. The program focuses on the impact of new technologies relative to advertising, promotions, and public relations.  

Major Core (15 credits)

All students in the Communication Bachelor of Science Program are required to take the following five courses:
COM 200 - Fundamentals of Communication Design
COM 215 - Small Group Communication
COM 225 - Interpersonal Communication
COM 253 - Fundamentals of Video Production
COM 497 - Field Experience

Communication majors must also successfully complete COM 101 - Professional Presentations to satisfy 3 credits of the LEP Tier 1 Technological Fluency Requirement.

Advertising and Promotions Specialization Requirements (21 credits)

All students in the Advertising and Promotions Specialization are required to take the following seven courses: COM 201 - Applied Communication Design
COM 234 - Fundamentals of Copywriting
COM 236 - Copywriting for Electronic Media
COM 287 - Introduction to Communication Research
COM 335 - Advertising and Promotional Design
COM 340 - Communication and Product Information
COM 472 - Advertising and Promotional Campaigns

Advertising and Promotions Specialization Electives
(9 credits, 3 credits chosen from 400 level)

All students in the Advertising and Promotions Specialization are required to choose three of the following courses. Additional courses can be taken as Free Electives.
COM 257 - Audio Production
COM 275 - Persuasion
COM 322 - Communication Training and Development
COM 333 - Video Scriptwriting
COM 402 - Advertising and Promotions for the Internet
COM 468 - Special Effects in Video
COM 493 - Practicum in Advertising and Promotions
COM 494 - Practicum in Intercultural Communication