Course Number Course Name  
CSC505 Computer Programming and Data Structures  
CSC521 Algorithms  
CSC523 Formal Languages  
CSC525 Advanced Operating Systems  
CSC535 Advanced Software Engineering  
CSC540 Database Systems  
CSC541 Image Processing  
CSC543 Web Programming  
CSC545 Advanced Database Systems  
CSC550 Fundamentals of Mobile Application Development  
CSC551 Pattern Recognition  
CSC553 Web Security  
CSC555 Principles of Information Security  
CSC558 Network Security  
CSC560 Software Quality  
CSC561 Scientific Visualization  
CSC563 Multithreaded Distributed Programming  
CSC565 Computer Networks  
CSC568 Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing  
CSC578 Secure Systems  
CSC581 Computational Intelligence  
CSC583 Parallel and Distributed Computing  
CSC587 Computational Science of Simulation and Modeling  
CSC590 Thesis I: Proposal Development  
CSC591 Thesis II: Thesis Completion  
CSC595 Special Project