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faculty and graduate student creative activity

FALL 2009 -- Spring 2010

Jessica Forcier's story, "Female Explosion Syndrome," the SCSU Creative Writing Program's nominee for this year's Associated Writing Programs' Intro Awards, has received an honorable mention. From submissions by the hundreds of writing programs in North America, five winners and four honorable mentions were chosen by this year's judge, Crystal Wilkinson. 

Tim Parrish's "After the River" was republished in The Best of LSU Fiction (Southern Review Press), a collection that contains the work of Robert Penn Warren, Andrei Codrescu, Valery Martin and other prominent writers.

Will Hochman completed several interviews following the death of J.D. Salinger.  In particular, see his op-ed in He was also a guest for the hour-long show, "On Point" to discuss J.D. Salinger on National Public Radio (NPR). He was also awarded as "Outstanding Technology Innovator" for 2009 by the CCCC Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication.  This award is in recognition for serving as "an exemplar for teachers working with computer technologies", representing "the highest ideals of scholarship, teaching, and service to the entire profession," and contributing "to the application and use of computer technology in the field of composition studies."  He also published two poems in the San Pedro River Review and two poems in Connecticut River Review (2009-10)

Nicole Fluhr's essay, "The Letter and the Law, or How Caroline Norton (Re)wrote Female Subjectivity," was published in Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 28.1 (2009).

Dianna Vagianos Miller's essay "Mud & Mercy" appeared in Issue 10 of Sacred Fire Magazine.  Her poem "imponderables" came out in The Vermont Literary Review and the prologue to her novel-in-progress, "Areos Pagos," was published in The Dos Passos Review.  Additionally Ms. Miller is teaching a weekend workshop on poetry therapy for the Masters Program at The Graduate Institute in Bethany, Connecticut.

Steven Corbett published "Environmental (and Audience) Friendliness in Rachel Carson and Devra Davis: Where Ecocriticism and Rhetoric Meet." ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 16.3 (Summer 2009). 487-515. (Oxford UP/U of Nevada) and "Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Toward Systematic Collaborative Peer Review in the Composition and Writing Across the Curriculum Classroom" (Co-authored with Ilene Crawford and Andrea Beaudin) in Effective Writing Programs Make for Effective Writers. WPA Gallery of the NCTE National Gallery on Writing, October 2009-Present.  He also published review
essays for Douglas Meyers and Tony Rick 2009 CCCC panel N.29 "Theories of Learning: From Performance to Multiple Intelligences" in Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy 14.1 (Fall 2009) and Sonia Apgar, Meredith Lee, Koreen Schroeder, Shawna Shapiro 2009 CCCC panel O.19 "One Size Fits All or All Cultures Must Shrink to Fit? Culturally-Responsive Education in the No-Child-Left-Behind Era" in Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy 14.1 (Fall 2009). 

Melissa McClain had her article "The artful practice of pedagogy:  Contributions of the teacher- as-artist to the teaching of writing" published in E. Golson & T. Glover (Eds.), Negotiating a Meta-Pedagogy (pp. 170-182), Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009. She also presented "Making a case for the touchy-feely classroom: Teaching to the affective domain" at the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, Traverse City, MI, September 2009.

Anjanette Darrington
, Melissa McClain, and Andrew Smyth presented "Film teacher or literature teacher?" at the annual conference of the National Council of Teachers of English, Philadelphia, PA, November 2009.

Brian Johnson, Bob McEachern, Mike Shea, and Cindy Stretch presented "Herding the Cats was the Easy Part: Assessing the English Major at SCSU" at the New England Educational Assessment Network Fall Conference in November 2009.

Will Hochman published "Teaching to Save Our Lives," which was the lead essay in the review published in Kairos. The essay was one of the first published in the WPA Gallery of the NCTE National Gallery on Writing, October 2009-Present.

Dana Sonnenschein recently had her book Bear Country published by NFSPS Press.  She has also published several poems in a variety of journals, including "Lord Grizzly" and "Woodward's Garden" in Epoch 58.2 (2009 series); "The Valley of Shadow" in Silk Road 4 (Spring 2009);  "Knitting" and "The Collapse of Distance between Subject and Object" in Feminist Studies 35.1 (Spring 2009); "Rodin's Persephone" and "Rubens' Girl"  in Quarter After Eight  15 (2009); "Ode to the Bear of Fasting" and "The Thirteenth Fairy's Curse"  in Quercus Review 9 (2009); "Global Warming:  A Sentence" in Isotope 6.2 (fall/winter 2008); "The Power of Make Believe," "Girl Carrying a Cub," and "The Berserker" in Caduceus 6 (2008); and  "Bear Visions" (a series) in Lumberyard 3 (2008).

Scott Ellis published his article "The Medium, the Message, and Digital Pedagogy in an Early American Literature Course" in the summer 2009 issue of Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice.



Fall 2008 -- Spring 2009:

Anjanette Darrington recently presented "Who Are Alaska Young, Hope Yancey, and Primrose Squarp?: Names and Naming in Young Adult Literature" at the MLA Convention in San Francisco (December 2008) and, together with Corrine Gordon, Jennifer Clifton and Sheryl Rinkol, she presented "The Heart of the Matter: The Price of Negotiating Identity for Love" at the ALAN Conference in San Antonio, Texas (November 2008).

Steven Corbett (with Michelle LaFrance) published "From Grammatical to Global: The WAC/Writing Center Connection" in Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 6.2 (Spring 2009).  He also has presented several papers recently, including "Beyond Dichotomy: Bridging the Gap between Individualized and Large-Group Writing Instruction" at the 12th Annual Connecticut State University System Faculty Research Conference, New Haven, CT (April, 2009); "Scapegoat: Revisiting the Writing Center/Classroom Debate" at the 25th Annual Northeast Writing Centers Association Conference, West Hartford, CT (April, 2009); "From Grammatical to Global: Revisiting the WAC/Writing Center Connection" at the University of Connecticut Fourth Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing, Storrs, CT (March, 2009); "Writing On-Location Waves with Diverse Students" at the 60th  Annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, San Francisco, CA (March, 2009); and "The Rhetoric and Drama of Classroom-Based Tutoring: Four Case Studies" at the International Writing Centers Association and The National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Joint Conference, Las Vegas, NV (October-November, 2008). 

Karen Remedios's chapter (with Mangala Subramaniam and Debarashmi Mitra) "Dowry and Transnational Activism" was published in Dowry: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice. Ed. Tamsin Bradley, Mangala Subramaniam and Emma Tomalin. Cambridge, UK: Zed Books, and Delhi, India: Women Unlimited, 2009.  She also presented two papers recently: "A Lesson in Laughter: Teaching Meera Syal in the Postcolonial Classroom" at the Ninth Annual South Asian Literary Association (SALA) Conference, San Francisco, CA, December 2008 and "The Virgin Suicide: Ligy Pullappally's The Journey" at the 'States of Violence' Conference, Seattle, WA, February 2009.

Melissa McClain presented "Reading is STILL fundamental" at the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, Traverse City, MI in September of 2008 and "Everything I learned about teaching I learned at Second City" at the annual conference of the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX in November 2008.

Robin Troy published a short essay in the Missoula Independent in September 2008.  She was also a finalist in the Michigan Literary Fiction Award for novels, fall 2008 and was awarded the SCSU Junior Faculty Research Fellowship for 2009-2010.

Andrew Smyth presented "Representing African Teenage Girls in Literature for Young Adults" at the African Literature Association, University of Vermont, April 2009 and ""Snarling Rhetoric: Sport Hunting and Heretic Hunting in Thomas More's Polemical Works" at the National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations Conference, New Orleans, April 2009.  He also presented his work "Education, Identity, and Nostalgia: Maria Edgeworth's Plan for Ireland in the 19th Century" at the Dean's Research Reassigned Time Presentation, February 2009.

Nicole Fluhr presented "Novel Verses: Making Literary History in Clough's Amours de Voyage" at the North American Victorian Studies Association Conference. New Haven, CT, November 14-16, 2008.

Jeff Mock published his poems "The God of the Apocalypse" in the Cincinnati Review (Summer 2008); "How He Remembers His Life" in Confrontation (Spring/Summer 2008); "Hummingbird," "I Feel More Like I Did When I Came in Here Than I Do Now," "A Life in the Day," and "Natural Habitats" in Avant Garde for the New Millenium, Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2009; and "The God of Westward Expansion," "The Goddess of Second Chances," "The God of Nostalgia," "The Goddess of Brief Encounters," and "The God of Simple Vision" in Locuspoint, 2009.

Vara Neverow has published "Virginia Woolf and City Aesthetics" in the Edinburgh Companion to Virginia Woolf and the Arts, Ed. Maggie Humm (Edinburgh UP, 2009) and a review of Gender in Modernism New Geographies, Complex Intersections in the  Virginia Woolf Miscellany (Fall/Winter 2008). She also presented "Virginia Woolf's Editorial Self-Censorship and Risk-Taking in Jacob's Room" at the 25th Annual Connecticut State University Research Conference, SCSU, April 2009 and "Sex, Violence and Betrayal in Jacob's Room," Woolf Editing/Editing Woolf at the 18th Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, Denver, CO, June 2008.  She is also the Managing Editor of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany and has reviewed manuscripts for Woolf Studies Annual and Mosaic.

Timothy Parrish's "The Longer Route," an excerpt from his memoir Southern Man, appeared in the Cincinnati Review's 2009 summer issue.  He also gave a reading and guest taught at Misericordia University (Pennsylvania) in the spring (2009).

Will Hochman's work "From Desktop to Laptop: Creating Transitions to Wireless Learning in Writing Classrooms" (with Mike Palmquist) in was published in Going Wireless: A Critical Exploration of Wireless and Mobile Technologies for Composition Teachers edited by Amy C. Kimme Hea and published by Hampton Press in 2009 and "Beyond War Poetry: War, Literature and the Heart of a Poet / An Interview with John Balaban" (with Jan Spiegel) was published in the 20th anniversary issue of War, Literature & the Arts (Volume 20:1&2).  You can also see a video of him reading his poem "Tired of Writing" for the NCTE poetry month presentation.

Margot Schilpp has had her poems published recently in DIAGRAM, Emprise Review, and LocusPoint.

Mary Elizabeth Lang's first full-length book of poetry Under Red Cedars was published by Little Red Tree Publishing Company in October 2008. The book includes appendices on the history of colonial settlers of New London County, Connecticut and Washington County, Rhode Island, and their contact with Native Americans along with a glossary of words from the Narragansett and Mohegan-Pequot languages.  This book has been nominated for the Connecticut Book Award.  She has also given readings from my work at Bronson Public Library, Waterbury, CT; The Hygienic Art Galleries, New London, CT; Waterford (T) Public Library; and Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT. Additionally, she has also given a presentation on "Creative Journaling as Meditation" at Incarnation Conference Center, Ivoryton, CT and a two-part presentation on "Reading Spiritual Poetry from Caedmon to A. R. Ammons," at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Cheshire. She was part of a panel, "Five Women Authors of Cheshire," hosted by St. Peter's Church, in which they discussed how to get started on a book and different avenues of publication.