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Andrew Smyth, Ph.D.

SmythProfessor of English

Department Chair; Secondary English Education, Linguistics, Early Modern Literature

Office: Engleman Hall D265B
Phone: 203.392.5113




Ph.D., English-Renaissance Literature, Saint Louis University, 1996
M.A., English, Saint Bonaventure University, 1990
B.A., English, University of Dallas, 1988

About Professor Smyth

I teach in the Secondary English Education program here at Southern, specializing in methods of teaching writing, grammar and linguistics, and fieldwork supervision. I also teach early modern English literature.

 My research interests are wide-ranging. I have developed a deep interest in global education, having spent a recent sabbatical in Kenya, where I taught and conducted field research on the incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies in teacher-training programs. I’m also studying a new field—critical animal studies and literary representation—which I’m connecting with young adult literature. Other longstanding research projects involve studies of Edmund Spenser, Maria Edgeworth, and Anglo-Irish literature and politics.

Recent Courses Taught

ENG 415,  510 - History of the English Language
ENG 493 - Secondary English
ENG 494 - Student Teaching Seminar
ENG 505 - Applied Linguistics
ENG 312 - English Grammar Systems
ENG 342 - Shakespeare I
ENG 307 - Literary Analysis for English Majors
LITT 111 - Introduction to Literary Criticism (Egerton University, Kenya)
GWDS 722 - Women and Education Systems in Africa (Egerton University, Kenya)

Selected Publications and Presentations

Representing the Modern Animal in Culture, eds. Jeanne Dubino, Andrew Smyth, and Ziba Rashidian. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

“Splicing Genes with Postmodern Teens: The Hunger Games and the Hybrid Imagination.” In Representing the Modern Animal in Culture (see above).

“Impersonating Authority: Animals and the Reconceptualization of Anglo-Irish Social Order in Maria Edgeworth’s Ennui and Edmund Spenser’s Mother Hubberds Tale.” Representing Animals in Irish Literature and Culture. Eds. Kathryn Kirkpatrick and Borbala Farago. New York: Palgrave-MacMillan, (2015) 135-48.

“‘[T]hat this here box be in the natur of a trap’: Maria Edgeworth’s Pedagogical Gardens, Ireland, and the Education of the Poor.” Time of Beauty, Time of Fear: New Essays on Romanticism, Children's Literature, and Childhood Studies. Ed. James McGavran. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2012.

Recent Presentations:

“Keywords in Young Adult Literature.” National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention, Washington, D. C., November 2014.

“Impersonating Authority: Animals and the Reconceptualization of the Anglo-Irish Social Order in Maria Edgeworth’s Ennui and Edmund Spenser’s Mother Hubberds Tale.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, New Orleans, LA, October 2014.

“Teaching English Literature.” Series of Faculty Development Seminars at Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, June-July 2014.

“Teenagers, Animals, and the Hybrid Imagination.” Invited Seminar Presentation, Xi’an International University, China, June 2014.

“Digital Writing, Local Learning, and Global Collaboration.” Invited Seminar Presentation, Egerton University, Kenya, May 2014.

“Shakespeare and the Common Core State Standards.” NCTE National Convention. Boston, MA. November 2013.

“Digital Writing and Global Education.” Invited Keynote Address. International Conference on Applied Foreign Languages. Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology. Jhongli, Taiwan. September 2013.

“Who Built that Garden? Putting the Insects to Work in Edmund Spenser’s Muiopotmos.” Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment. Lawrence, KS. June 2013.

“Integrating Grammar in the Secondary Language Arts Curriculum: What Kenya and the U.S. Can Learn from Each Other.” Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar 23rd Annual Conference. Largo, MD. July 2012.

“Cycling Ireland and Recycling Irish Identity: Roddy Doyle and the Last Roundup Trilogy.” American Conference for Irish Studies 2012 International Meeting. New Orleans, LA. March 2012.

“The Future and Function of Literature in 21st-Century Education.” Invited Public Seminar Presentation. Egerton University, Kenya. October 2011.