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English Department Post-Baccalaureate

(leading to certification to teach English in Grades 7-12) 


To be eligible to apply, students need 24 credits of undergraduate English coursework, only six of which (two courses’ worth) may be from writing classes. (We do work with students who do not yet meet this requirement but would like to take additional undergraduate English classes to achieve eligibility, either at SCSU as non-matriculated students or elsewhere.) Ideal candidates will have an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.2 GPA in undergraduate English coursework.

Program Overview (48 credits)

Courses in the English Department
12 credits of coursework in secondary school English teaching, including student teaching

ENG 492 - Teaching Literature to Adolescents - (Methods 1) – 3 credits
ENG 493 - English (Secondary School) - (Methods 2) – 3 credits
ENG 494 - Student Teaching – English – 10.5 credits
ENG 496 - Student Teaching Seminar – English – 3 credits

Courses outside the English Department
19.5 credits in Education and related fields

Requirements that must be met during the program if they haven't been met prior to entering it  
Applied Linguistics – 3 credits
History of the English Language  – 3 credits
A survey course in American History – 3 credits  


For most of our students, coursework for certification takes 3 semesters; then, student teaching is a full, dedicated semester, during which they do not take other courses apart from a companion student teaching seminar (ENG 494 & ENG 496). Thus, the majority of our students complete their certification in two years—though a few can finish it sooner, by taking courses over the summer.

Unlike a master’s program, there is no minimum number of required credits for certification, so if incoming students have already taken one or more of these courses (or a version of them that covers the same material elsewhere) and have the syllabi to demonstrate this, then they may not have to take that course or courses here (though all students must take their methods courses, ENG 492 and ENG 493, here with us).

Students who are interested in earning a master’s degree in English will find it easy to transition into our M.A. or M.S. programs in English, which they can apply to in their final (student teaching) semester. Moreover, students who earn their post-bac with us at SCSU may count two of their post-bac courses toward a master’s in English earned at SCSU. 

Post-Bac Application Materials

  • a statement of purpose explaining why you wish to teach at the secondary level and what led you to this decision
  •  a 5-page writing sample of non-fiction, academic prose (ideally written for an English literature class)
  •  three letters of recommendation (ideally written by English professors who taught you in a class), accompanied by forms from the School of Education;
  •  all official transcripts listed on your application (students who did undergraduate coursework at SCSU do not need to submit SCSU transcripts); 
  • SAT, ACT, or Praxis I scores or a waiver letter (students who did undergraduate coursework at SCSU should have SAT scores on file and do not need to submit them again)

Contact Prof. Melissa Talhelm for more information: or 203.392.6895