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part-time positions

The English Department occasionally has openings for part-time faculty to teach first-year composition.

To be considered, prospective faculty must have:

  • A Master's-level or higher degree in English or a closely related field. Coursework or specialization in rhetoric and composition studies preferred.

  • Experience teaching at the college level.

Interested faculty should send the following items to Steven Corbett, Composition Program Co-Coordinator, at and Andrew Smyth, Department Chairperson, at

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A brief (1 page) statement of composition teaching philosophy
  3. A cover letter that addresses the interested faculty member's qualifications to teach SCSU's ENG 110: Fundamentals of Academic Writing and/or ENG 112: Writing Argument
  4. At least one of the following teaching artifacts: sample syllabus, sample writing assignment, sample commented-on student essay, or letter of teaching observation.

Appendices and Link to Liberal Education Program Document

To aid you in developing your application materials, the following appendices provide detailed ENG 110 and ENG 112 course descriptions and sample syllabi, along with the current ENG 112 Self-Evaluation Essay (SEE) assignment, ENG 112 SEE rubric (.pdf file), and ENG 112 end-of-semester rubric (.pdf file) to evaluate student writing.

Please note that the course descriptions refer to various required elements for Tier 1 Liberal Education Program courses.  These course elements are further defined and articulated in the LEP document, available in its entirety on the University Curriculum Form (UCF) website at