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The English major at Southern Connecticut State is one of the largest on campus. We offer a wide range of courses in British, American, and cross-cultural literature, African-American literature, critical theory, English education, creative writing, and professional writing.

Undergraduate majors take a total of 36 credits in English, including a set of core of courses for all majors and 12 credits of electives according to one of three areas of specialization: Literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing. Secondary Education majors, pursuing certification to teach middle school or high school English, have additional requirements. See an overview of the English major below, or print a copy of the “Map of the English Major” (.pdf) using the yellow tab above. 

 Overview of the English Major
 Core Courses
 All English majors (for BA and BS degrees) take the following courses:
• 307 Literary Analysis for English Majors
• 308 English Studies: Critical Theories
• 309 Rhetorical Strategies in Writing and Communication
• 321 British Lit through History I
• 322 British Lit through History II
• 323 American Lit through History
• Ancient or Medieval Literature
• Shakespeare
 Note: All BA students must take at least 1 course in multicultural or world literature

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
In addition to the Core Courses, all BA majors specialize in one of the following three areas:
LITERATURE students take four additional courses in these areas:
• 1 course in literature before 1800
• 1 course in literature after 1800
• 2 elective courses (your choice) in literature (ENG and/or LIT)
CREATIVE WRITING students take:
• 4 additional courses in the writing of fiction and/or poetry
• 4 additional courses in professional writing and/or journalism (JRN)
Bachelor of Science (BS)
In addition to the Core Courses, all BS students (pursuing certification to teach English in the Secondary English Education Program) also take:
• 312 English Grammar Systems
• 317 Cross-Cultural Literatures & Contexts
• 415 History of the English Language
• 492 Teaching Lit to Adolescents
• 493 English (Secondary School)
• 494 Student Teaching – English
• 496 Student Teaching Seminar
For more information about the BS in English secondary education, see the Handbook for the BS in English with Teaching Certification at the English Department website.

NOTE:  Students who entered the university before Fall 2011 are subject to the older requierments, which can be found in the Undergraduate Catalogue.