Geography Alumni

In the coming months, we will be posting achievements of our department alumni. If you were a part of our department and would like to be listed, please send a short paragraph with recent accomplishments, the year you graduated or attended, and the degree earned, to Leon Yacher. Please spread the word to other department graduates.

Michael Adams. 2004.
Michael Adams is teaching in Manhattan, while pursuing a master's degree. He graduated in 2004. He has continued to be active professionally by reading a paper in the Philadelphia meeting of the Association of American Geographers.

Michele Vitro. 2004.
Michele Vitro graduated in 2004 and spent the year in Hungary, where she taught English while learning the Hungarian language. Though spending the summer in Connecticut, she expects to return to Budapest by September 2005.

Yanira Arbelo (now Lewis), B.A. 2003.
I got married on 10 July 2005 to Kevin Lewis, a graduate from Southern who majored in Journalism. I also landed a job at the Greenwich High School starting during the Fall 2005 semester. I will be teaching a variety of courses including History and Spanish. But, I promise that I will introduce Geography and teach it.

BELL, Shelley., B.S. 2000
While at Southern, my interests were well rounded. While taking an interest in Physical Geography with an Earth Science minor, I also studied Anthropology as my concentration.

Brejwo, Conrad. B.S., 2002.
Specialization in GIS-Cartography.
Currently I work for, Donald W. Smith, Jr., P.E., CONSULTING ENGINEER, of Seymour, Connecticut. AUTOCAD staff responsible for preparation of various site, subdivision and septic design plans using AUTOCAD and computer system maintenance.
(Conrad's internship with D. Smith was featured in the New Haven Register for mapping open space in Oxford, Conn.)

Ryder, Pamela, B.A. 2001.

The degree I earned at SCSU prepared me for a position with a local travel book company as their Map Coordinator. I was responsible for organizing and maintaining the mapping program including redesign of their maps and researching map resources for publication. The company publishes books each year utilizing up to 5000 maps. These maps had to be created by a host of freelance cartographers, map making houses, as well as myself. Revamping the map program, the redesign of the maps, and creating a trafficking system for all our maps were just some of the highlights of my time with the company. I attribute my success in the field of geography and the ability to land this perfect job for my interests directly to my degree earned at SCSU.

DeAnna Krishak, B.S. 2002.
Specializing in GIS
I have managed to land a job in the GIS profession with the town of Westport, Conn., working with them to get a GIS department up and running.

Morris (now Hetric), Suzanne. B.A., 1980
M.A., Binghamton University, 1982