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Geographic Information Science and Technology

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The Department of Geography maintains a state-of-the-art geospatial technology facility with 19 desktop computers, 3 scanners, 2 large-format plotters, a color laser printer, and a black and white printer. The facility, which serves as an instructional and research laboratory as well as a classroom also has a high density LCD projector and a white board.

In order to support fieldwork, we have a number of hand-held, mobile computers with both research- and popular grade GPS receivers.

We have a variety of software for spatial data processing and analysis, including ArcGIS Desktop and ArcPad, GeoDa, R, and SPSS. We also have Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite as well as other software to support various applications.


In addition to its regular course offerings, the department offers a 3-day intensive, professional certificate course in GIS. The ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality course lays a foundation in GIS for beginning users of GIS as well as those who have had some prior experience or have used other GIS software but seek training in ArcGIS Desktop. Click here for a full course description.

We update the training schedule periodically, which lists upcoming classes.

The ArcGIS Desktop II course is offered by a professor of geography with experience using GIS in teaching and research since 1992 in a variety of areas. He is also an ESRI-authorized instructor. Contact Dr. Eric West for additional information, or click here to download registration forms for the next class.


We understand that GIS is important to the state- and local community. As part of the university's mission to become a regional leader in technology, the department can connect with your organization in a number of ways.


    Many of our students work as interns once they reach their terminal year in our degree programs. E-Mail us if you would like us to add you to our list of contacts for placing interns.


    If you have a project that is larger in scope than an internship, our bright and motivated students may be able to help. We can enter into mutually beneficial collaborations that bring high quality solutions to your organization while fortifying our students' academic experiences through participation in real-world applications.

GIS Implementation and Training

    We can help you to develop a plan for integrating GIS into your organization's workflow. If GIS is already part of your organization, we can conduct one-time or periodic classes to bring the right skills to your workforce.


    Our faculty and students contribute to the state by conducting socially valuable research using GIS. Past and current studies have focussed on New Haven and the greater New Haven area, Bridgeport, New Britain, Hartford, and other towns as well as the whole state.

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