Geography Club

What is the Geography Club?

The Geography Club is a body of faculty and students who come together with a shared interest in the world about them. We come from all different disciplines (geography, history, education, sociology, economics, tourism, business, etc.) and believe that by engaging in geographical thought, we gain insight into our chosen disciplines. It's not just about maps! Initiated this semester, the geography club now has a sustainability subcommitee.

What kinds of things does the Geography Club do?

Our main goal in the Geography Club is to bring awareness to the importance of geography as a discipline and to the importance of discovering our world. This is accomplished in a myriad of ways: club meetings, field trips, tutoring programs, local and regional conferences, gardening, hiking and encouraging travel as the best way to learn about our world and ourselves, sharing our experiences and inviting speakers to share theirs. In addition, the club is building an employment opportunity database for our graduates.

Do I have to give time? am I required to "volunteer"?

Simply, no. We invite you to join us for any meeting or event we offer. There is no requirement to volunteer your services.

Who are the club advisors and officers?

Club Advisors:

Dr. Patrick Heidkamp

Dr. Ezgi Akpinar Ferrand

Club Officers: 

Fatima Cecunjanin

Vice President
Michelle Ritchie

Lance Lambert

Maryjeanne Buonocore

Where are the meetings? Who do I contact if I am interested?

During Fall 2013, meetings are held Mondays during community hour (1-2pm) in Morrill Hall room 122. During this time you can stip by, check our events bulletin board, chat with officers, and/or sign up for upcoming field trips.  We welcome any ideas for future planning.  You can also drop a note in the club mail slot located in the Geography Club Department Office, Morrill Hall.

For More Information:

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