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Dr. Richard Gerber


Richard Gerber
Office:  EN C211C
Phone: 203-392-5352


PhD, University of Michigan
MA, University of Michigan
BA, University of Michigan 



Book, Welcoming Ruin: The Civil Rights Act of 1875, with co-author Alan Friedlander.  (Submitted  for publication,  July, 2015.)

Article, “Horace Greeley for President: The Liberal Republicans of 1872.”
          Submitted  for publication,  September, 2015.

Article, “Right Place, Right Time: The New England Educational Assessment Network,
            2001 – 2010,” The Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness,

              Volume 1, Number 1, November 2010, 103 – 140.

Book, The System: The American Constitution in Historical Perspective, 1763 – 1929.
 (Cengage, Chicago, Illinois: rev. 2009).

Edited Book, Not Your (Founding) Fathers’ Constitution (New Haven Public Schools,
           New Haven, Connecticut: 2007).

Article, “Carl Schurz’s Journey from Radical to Liberal Republican: A Problem in
           Ideological Consistency,” Mid-America,
Volume 82, Numbers 1 and 2,
            Winter – Summer 2000, 71 – 99.

Book Chapter, “The Reinterpretation of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth
            Amendment in the Age of Industrialism,” 
in: Joseph R. Freese and Jacob Judd, eds.,
            American Industrialism, Economic Expansion and the Law (Tarrytown, New York,
            1982), 143 – 209.

Article, “Playing Tricks on the Dead;” Jones v. Alfred H. Mayor Company, an Historical
            Inquiry, Pace University Law Review,
Volume 1, Number 1, October, 1980, 59 – 119.

Article, “The Liberal Republicans of 1872in Historiographical Perspective,” Journal of
            American History,
June, 1875, 40-73.  Binkley – Stephenson Award. 1976.


US (and English) Constitutional History, Early Republic, Civil War


HIS 110: US Survey I
HIS 200: Historical Methods
HIS 248: American Constitution in Historical Perspective, 1763-1929
HIS 249: Freedom and Order, Recent Constitution, 1929-present
HIS 313: English Origins of American Law 
HIS 352: Roots of Modern America
HIS 353: Early Republic
HIS 398: American Presidency
HIS 398: Comparative- American Revolution and Civil War
HIS 410: American Intellectual History
HIS 485: Capstone Seminar
HIS 514: Issues in American Constitutional History
HIS 553:Early Republic
HIS 555: Civil War and Reconstruction