The Undergraduate Major in History

virginia metaxasThe major in history provides a fundamental knowledge of societies and their cultures. Students study the origins, nature, and effects of historical change. They also learn the language and methodologies that historians employ in their analysis of the human experience.

The history major may be undertaken to attain professional, academic, or cultural objectives, including preparation for graduate study and careers in teaching, business, government, and many other professions. There are two undergraduate degree programs in the history department: the B.A. degree in history and the B.S. degree in history (with teacher certification) 

PLEASE NOTE:  The information below is only a synopsis of what is required.  For detailed requirements please see the
undergraduate catalog: 

Requirements for the major (B.A. Program):

Requirements for the major (B.S. Program with teacher certification):

Download the student handbook for students working on the B.S. in history with teacher certification.

Download the Application to the School of Education for B.S. in history students

Download the Recommendation Forms for the application to the School of Education for B.S. in history students.