Thesis Defense


You must have a minimum of 3 members on your honors thesis committee. Two members must be from your department. If you are graduating from the Honors College, at least one member must be from the Honors College faculty list (see Honors College website for a complete list of honors college faculty). If you have not already done so, please complete the attached committee form and submit it to Dr. Sandra Bulmer at as soon as possible.

Honors Thesis Defense

You must schedule a thesis defense meeting with your committee members and department chairperson where you will present the methods and results of your honors thesis and respond to questions from committee members. At the conclusion of this meeting, the committee will hold a brief meeting and vote on whether to grant you the designation of "graduating with Departmental Honors." Please check the calendar for deadlines.  Please notify Dr. Sandra Bulmer at once the date, time and location are set for your thesis defense meeting.

At the conclusion of the honors thesis defense students must submit the following items to:      Dr. Sandra Bulmer's mailbox at the Orlando House: • Thesis signature page (original copy with all required signatures) • Abstract page - submit a print copy and also e-mail an electronic copy to [Sample documents attached]

Final Honors Thesis Document

You are responsible for distributing a copy of the final draft of your honors thesis document to all committee members at least one week prior to the honors thesis defense meeting. Committee members should return their document to your thesis advisor, with comments, prior to or during the thesis defense meeting.

Three preliminary pages are required for every thesis document: 1) Title page, 2) Signature page, and 3) Abstract page.  The signature sheet must be signed at the conclusion of the honors thesis defense meeting and returned to Dr. Bulmer along with a copy of the abstract page.

Once you have completed all revisions of your thesis document you must submit a bound copy to Elspeth McCormack, the secretary for the Honors College (Engleman B225). This copy will then be forwarded to the Buley Library. If you are graduating from the Honors College you must provide a second copy which will be stored in the Honors College Library. It is also customary to provide your thesis advisor with a copy of your thesis document.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your honors thesis, please contact me at (203) 392-6993 or  Office: Office Building One, room #101. Mailbox: Orlando House.