Interdisciplinary Studies Program

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The Interdisciplinary Studies Program's aim is to support students in self-designed programs of study that:

1. Allow students to combine disciplines/areas of study in ways that help them achieve personal and professional learning goals,
2. Improve critical reading, writing, and thinking abilities,
3. Develop advanced knowledge and skills in two or three disciplines/areas of study,
4.  Foster life-long learning,
5. Prepare students to navigate a rapidly changing global economy over the course of their working lives.

Southern offers both a B.A. and a B.S. degree in interdisciplinary studies and a B.A. degree in general studies for students interested in exploring disciplines beyond established majors. See more information about each of these degrees on the pages within this site. 


Sharon Misasi, Interim Director, Interdisciplinary Studies
Pelz Gymnasium 002A
Phone: (203) 392-6091 
Fax:  (203) 392-5355
Christine Barrett
Administrative Coordinator
Academic Advisement Center
Wintergreen Building
Phone:  (203) 392-6195
Fax:  (203) 392-5252