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Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Southern Connecticut Geogebra Conference, North American GeoGebra Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2015 (Look in Archive) | PDF


Download materials presented at the first annual Southern Connecticut GeoGebra Conference.

Download everything in one click, or pick and choose from below. Please use the conference program for reference.

A1 - Linear Forms by Mr. Fred Borne  
W - Beginner Level Activities by Dr. Marie Nabbout B2 - Theorem of Ptolemy by Dr. Braxton Carrigan
C1 - Function Transformations by Mr. Adam Kelly
C2 - Exponential Functions by Suzy Mitchell
C3 - Power Functions by Megan Carroll
C4 - Logarithmic Functions by Cheryl Kennedy Roome
C5 - CAS Activities by Dr. Len Brin