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Media Studies Minor

Media Studies Minor

The minor consists of 18 credits.  Students study media in a variety of critical contexts and practices.

Students considering a minor in Media Studies should consult with the Media Studies Department coordinator and complete a Declaration of Minor form.  Visit us in TE6 or call (203) 392-5157 for more information.

Core Requirements (9 Credits):

MDS 200:  How Media Mean
MDS 245:  Introduction to Mass Media
MDS 280:  Media Issues and Problems

Electives From The Major (9 Credits):

Choose 3 courses from the following 300 or 400 level offerings:

MDS 300:  Persuasion and Argument in Media
MDS 333:  Media Research
MDS 340:  Media Literacy Education for Students and Teachers
MDS 350:  Resistive Vernaculars:  Hip Hop, Rap and Signifyin (g)
MDS 360:  Romance to Ruin:  Media and Relationships
MDS 370:  Music Sound and Media
MDS 398:  Illustrated Man:  Maleness & Masculinity in the Media
MDS 398:  Television as Postmodern Irony 
MDS 398:  Hidden Agendas in the Media
MDS 430:  Gender, Media, Culture
MDS 442:  Media Criticism
MDS 450:  Sex, Violence and the American Dream
MDS 482:  Seminar in Media Studies