Graduate Program in Psychology


Dr. W. Jerome Hauselt
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Our program is a research-based program designed to develop creative problem-solving skills applicable in research, clinical, industrial, and educational settings. Our program is appropriate for a wide range of candidates.

Flexible Program of Courses

 Our 30-credit program allows students to tailor courses, research, and internships/practicum experiences to meet their needs. More than half the total credits required for graduation can be selected to fit the student’s interests and needs. Students also can complete the program on a full-time or part-time schedule, and can choose a Thesis or a Comprehensive Exam option.

One-Year Option

Our program, using the Comprehensive Exam option, may be completed in an accelerated fashion in two semesters and a summer session.  This is similar to a 4+1 option ( four year undergraduate degree and one year graduate degree) that some programs offer.  Students wishing to choose this option should consult with the Graduate Coordinator at the time of application. This plan entails four courses each in the fall and spring semesters, and two courses over the summer. Students electing this option must ensure that their work schedules allow sufficient time to be devoted to their studies. Students electing this plan can take the comprehensive exam at the end of their second full semester (spring or fall). Advanced undergraduates may also be eligible to take a graduate course in the spring semester of their senior year and apply the course toward the graduate program.

Clinical and Assessment Opportunities

Several members of the Graduate Faculty are also licensed clinical psychologists.  While the program does not lead to licensure, it provides students with the foundations for later application to a clinical program through coursework and field experiences.  The field experiences also allow students to explore careers in applied settings with professionals who have varied backgrounds.  The department is also developing an on-campus assessment center in which graduate students will provide a variety of psychological assessments under the supervision of a faculty member. 

Research Opportunities

The Graduate Faculty in Psychology is active and engaged, and several have been recognized for excellence in teaching and research. Examples of research conducted by our faculty are below.  Graduate students often collaborate with faculty on this research or develop their own theses in similar areas.  Our facilities include a dedicated and well-equipped behavioral and physiological psychology laboratory, a cognitive/developmental research lab, and computer research labs. We also support research internships at off campus sites.


Cognitive Science 

Clinical, Social, and Lifespan Psychology

Graduate students can also gain leadership skills and experience in the editorial process by becoming an editor on our student-run journal, The SCSU Journal of Student Psychological Research. We are proud to be the only M.A. psychology program in the state to have its own peer-reviewed journal where undergraduate and graduate students can publish their independent, student research in psychology. Students can enhance their resumes and graduate school applications as authors, manuscript reviewers, or editors. 


Admissions and Applications

Program Requirements

Graduate Courses


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