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The Psychology Department offers three major courses of study. These lead to a degree in psychology, psychology with a specialization in mental health, or psychology with a psychology specialization in research. Students with the appropriate prerequisites may take offerings from any specialization, including field practicum and data gathering courses. The degree offers preparation for graduate training in all areas of psychology, meeting the basic entrance requirements of M.A., Ph.D., and Psy.D. programs.

All three programs were revised, effective Fall 2012. Students who started at SCSU before Fall 2012 should follow the "Old" requirements. Students who started in Fall 2012 or later should go to "Which Requirements Do I Follow?" to determine which requirements to follow; the decision is based on the first semester at SCSU and the number of transfer credits.

Once you have determined which set of requirements to follow, go to the link on the left for more information about the requirements.