Undergrad psychology program requirements 2012-Present

The Psychology Department offers three major courses of study. These lead to a degree in psychology, psychology with a specialization in mental health, or psychology with a specialization in research. Students with the appropriate prerequisites may take offerings from any specialization, including field practicum and data gathering courses. The degree offers preparation for graduate training in all areas of psychology, meeting the basic entrance requirements of M.A., Ph.D., and Psy.D. programs.

The following applies to students under a catalog year of Fall 2012 or later. (see "Which Requirements Do I Follow?")

Major Requirements

In order to graduate with a degree in Psychology, a student must be accepted into the Psychology major. Students must be accepted in the program in order to receive permission to take PSY 300, which is a prerequisite for required upper-level courses and must have a grade of “C” or better in courses counted toward the major.

A student may apply for acceptance when all of the following requirements are met:
* Students who fall short of the minimum 2.80 overall GPA may be eligible for acceptance under an alternative set of criteria. Under these criteria, the student is allowed to recalculate their GPA with one semester removed. The alternative criteria are:

Students entering SCSU with 60 or more transfer credits should request advising from the Psychology department on how to best navigate the requirements.

 Declaring Psychology vs. Being Accepted

When a student initially declares Psychology as their major, s/he is listed as "Pre-Psychology" for the major concentration. Once a student is accepted [link to page III.B.4] into the major, s/he selects one of the three programs of study, listed below.

General [link to page III.B.1]
Mental Health [link to page III.B.2]
Research [link to page III.B.3]

If you are interested in either the Mental Health or Research specializations, there are specific courses you should take early on. Let your advisor know and they will give you specific advice. You should also make an appointment to meet with the director of the specialization:


Students who declared Psychology but have not yet been accepted into the program ("Pre-accepted" majors) are requiredto attend a group advising session to receive their registration code. See Advising for more information. 


Plan of Study

All three of programs of study are designed so that a student can reasonably expect to graduate in four years, if the student takes a full course load (30 credits/year) every year and makes steady progress in completing requirements. The following are possible plans of study for each of the three programs. You do not need to follow the plans exactly as they appear; there is plenty of flexibility in the order that certain classes can be taken (particularly the LEP courses) and which courses you select for certain requirements.

 GPA Calculator

If your current GPA is below the required minimum of 2.80 to be a Psychology major, click here to use the GPA Calculator to find out what grades you will need to earn to raise your GPA to 2.80.