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The Department of Science Education and Environmental Studies (SEES)
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"All Education is Environmental Education"
David Orr, Earth in Mind


The Department of Science Education and Environmental Studies offers undergraduate and graduate program in environmental studies, environmental education and science education. SEES is a highly interdisciplinary department that believes all students should be skilled and knowledgeable participants in science and environmental activities. Faculty in the departments have a diversity of academic backgrounds that has prepared them to engage students with cutting edge topics in environmental studies and in science education. Our adjunct faculty consists of prominent professionals that bring to the classroom real and current information and topics of interest.

Located in Jennings Hall, SEES students and faculty are engaged in activities in the Center for Coastal and Marine Studies, the Center for Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Education, and the Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science.

SEES offers two undergraduate minor programs and a certification program for secondary science (7-12). The Environmental Studies minor includes preparation in a wide range of environmental topics from land use, climate and atmospheric sciences, social perspectives and environmental technologies. The Marine Studies minor is a hands-on based program that examines environmental issues of the oceans and coastal zone with a focus on Long Island Sound. These programs may be taken to supplement an academic major program or as part of a Liberal Studies undergraduate degree.

The secondary science certification program can be completed as an undergraduate or graduate student. Details regarding qualifications, application, courses and certification areas can be found under programs.

The department offers the following graduate programs; an M.S. in Environmental Education, an M.S. in Science Education, a Sixth Year Certificate Program in Science Education, and a certificate program for 7-12 science certification. Please see Graduate Program information for details.


Vincent Breslin, Ph.D., Chair

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