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Graduate programs

 Master of Science DEGREE in Science Education

  • The Master of Science in science education is designed for certified science teachers or those students interested in obtaining certification in secondary science. Candidates choose an area of concentration from within the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics or earth science). A minimum of 15 credits within the sciences must be completed. The balance of the program provides preparation in science education including the history and philosophy of science, the use of technology in the secondary classroom, science curriculum and an integrated science project.
  • The program has been designed to address the National Science Standards for Professional Development in science education. To complete the capstone requirement, students will be able to choose between a Master's thesis or special project in an area of science or science education.

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Master of Science Degree in Environmental Education

  • The Master of Science in environmental education is useful preparation for educators and others whose interest and/or responsibilities involve improving the environment. It is open to graduate students regardless of their undergraduate academic majors. An emphasis on practicality and application of theory reflects a focus on bringing about environmental change through educational processes. The objective of the EVE group @ Cove Riverprogram is to prepare well informed people who are dedicated to improving environmental conditions.
  • The program is designed for certified teachers or others with a strong interest in environmental issues and education. Courses are designed to enhance students' understanding of environmental sciences, policy development, belief systems, and environmental teaching methods.
  • The typical program is composed of thirty-six (36) credits of coursework selected by the student in consultation with his/her graduate adviser from the environmental education offerings and includes a special project. Cognate courses from other areas may be included when the planned program of study is developed. There are no required courses other than those associated with the degree path taken.

Sixth Year Certification: Institute for Science Instruction and Study

  • The Institute for Science Instruction and Study (ISIS) is offered as a sixth-year program for secondary teachers of the sciences. Founded on a seminar and laboratory model, ISIS provides science teachers with extensive interactions with practicing scientists. Current science in physics, biology, medicine, chemistry and other related areas is studies in depth over a two year continuum. Students are admitted by classes every two years and are to be recommended by their school superintendent. Outstanding scientists, including Nobel Laureates, meet at length with the participants both at SCSU and on site. Each student spends several weeks in a mentor-scientist study at the scientist's laboratory.
  • Enrollment is for a 30 credit program, which must be taken sequentially and completed within the two year period.

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