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Candidates matriculated into a graduate certification program may be eligible to accept a teaching position under a D.S.A.P. To be eligible, candidates must have an approved plan of study, have been accepted by the School of Education, completed a minimum of twelve credits in their content and passed the Praxis II in the relevant content area. The D.S.A.P. teaching position must be in the same content area for which the candidate's plan of study has been approved.

A candidate must teach under a D.S.A.P. for a minimum of 10 full months to be eligible to waive the student teaching requirement. Candidates teaching under a D.S.A.P. must register for EDU 999 and SCE 496, and be supervised by university faculty. Candidates are expected to complete all requirements for certification with two years.

Please note, candidates who waive the student teaching requirement by teaching under a D.S.A.P. may not be able to teach outside of Connecticut until they have taught for a minimum of three years in Connecticut.