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All candidates are required to develop a portfolio of their work and materials. This portfolio will be collected for each of the four Gate Assessments as well as for specific course/program assignments. The portfolio should reflect your progress and growth throughout the program. It begins with your application materials to the School of Education. Specific courses such as EDU 201, EDU 413, SCE 490 and SCE 494/6 will require certain materials and assessments to be included.
This portfolio will be a collection of your experiences and accomplishments throughout your certification program.Many of the key artifacts will also need to be uploaded to the TK20 online portfolio database.

Portfolio contents will include artifacts (documents demonstrating proficiencies) from all requisite classes, plus some additional personal information data e.g.,

•ResumΘ •Contact Information •Personal Teaching Philosophy •Example Lesson Plans/Unit Plan • Mathematics/Technology Infusion Strategy (essay) • Safety Essay •Differentiated Instruction Strategy (essay) •Teaching Effectiveness report (pre-post lesson, data & analysis, etc.

It will be very useful to you after you complete your program and are interviewing for teaching positions. We hope you take pride in your growth and achievements and use the portfolio as a means to demonstrate your potential as a science educator.