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U.S. History 110 or 112         United States History

PSY 370                               Educational Psychology

SED 482                               Teaching Exceptional Students in Secondary Classroom

EDF 520-526 (choose one)     Educational Foundations

SCE 490                               Science Methods

SHE 203                               School Health

IDS 470                                Literacy in the Content Areas

IDS 471                                English Language Learners

SCE 494                               Secondary School Student Teaching

SCE 496                                Student Teaching Seminar

*A candidate may not take more than two courses toward certification before they are accepted into the School of Education. Additional coursework may not be applied toward certification.

Please be aware that some courses have prerequisites and may require permission. All courses must be completed before student teaching.

Graduate candidates must complete a minimum of 12 credits and student teaching in a plan of study at SCSU.