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All candidates must successfully complete a 10-week student teaching placement. Student teaching is scheduled after candidates have completed all their science and professional coursework.  Candidates planning to student teach in the fall semester, must complete their student teaching application by late January of the previous academic year. Candidates planning to student teach in the spring semester must complete their applications by the end of September of the current academic year. 

The application process is discussed in SCE 490 - Science Methods and the required paperwork is distributed. Samples of the Student Teaching Application and Personal and Professional Data Sheets are included in the handbook.

The Student Teaching experience requires candidates to enroll in SCE 494 and SCE 496 (Seminar in Student Teaching). The actual Student Teaching Internship begins 4-6 weeks after the start of the semester. Candidates must begin attending the Seminar (SCE 496) the first day of classes each semester.

All candidates must pass the Praxis II prior to applying for Certification. Students arre strongly encouraaged to take the PRaxis II exam prior to their Student Teaching Experience.