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course offerings

WMS 100/ 01, 02, 03 Dynamics of Sex, Race, and Class
Examines the intersections of sex, race, and class from the perspective of women's studies. Instructors: Y. Lin and   I. Crawford

WMS 215/ 01, 02 Women in Society
Dual listed w/SOC 215-01, 02 Instructor: C. Buch

WMS 280/ 01,02 Human Sexuality
Dual listed with PCH 280-01, 02 Instructor: Anna Schildroth

WMS 318/01 Women: Amer History 1620-1890
Instructor: Leslie Lindenaur

WMS 350 Woman's Health Consciousness: Ages 18-40
Dual listed with PCH 350-01

WMS 380 01 3.000 Anthropology of Women & Health
Dual listed w/ANT 380-01, Instructor: Kathleen N. Skoczen

WMS 400 01 Gender, Media, Culture
Instructor: C. Dellinger-Pate

WMS 403/01 Women's Multidis. Entrepreneur
Instructor: J. Oppedisano

WMS 500 01 Feminist Theories & Practices
Instructor: V. Neverow

WMS 504/01 Gender and the Law
Dual-listed w/ SOC 504/01, Instructor: C. Disano 

WMS 520 01  History of Feminist Thought
Instructor: P. Beals

WMS 523 01 3.000 Anthropological Perspectives of Gender
Instructor: M. Selvaggio

WMS 573 01 Women, Art, and Education
Dual listed w/ART 573-01, Instructor: J. L. Whitehead 

WMS 590/01, 02, 03, 04, 05 Thesis Seminar I
Instructors: Y. Lin, P. Beals, I. Crawford, V. Metaxas, A. Kerr

WMS 592/01, 02, 03, 04, 05 Special Project Seminar I
Instructors: Y. Lin, P. Beals, I. Crawford, V. Metaxas, A. Kerr

WMS 601 Field Experience I
Instructor: Rosalyn Amenta

WMS 602 Field Experience II
Instructor: Rosalyn Amenta