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Apply for Cross Endorsement in CT

A person who holds a certificate of eligibility, an initial educator, provisional educator, provisional teaching or professional educator certificate may, upon application, obtain additional endorsements to such certificate, subject to the same terms and conditions as the certificate they currently possess, except that endorsements shall not be issued with course work deficiencies.

To obtain such additional endorsements, applicants shall submit evidence of having achieved a satisfactory evaluation on the appropriate Board-approved content knowledge competency test, as appropriate, unless such assessment has not been approved by the Board at the time of application.

The School of Education offers certification programs/course that will meet the requirements of the state regulatory requirements for most of the cross-endorsement certification areas.



The requirements for each certification endorsement are published in the CT-DOE Regulations.  They are generally organized based on levels of certification. Cross-endorsement areas include Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle school, Secondary, and KorPK-12 subject area endorsements.

Application Process

Generally an individual who wishes to apply for a cross endorsement must do so directly with the CT-DOE.  The CT-DOE determines upon application whether the applicant is eligible for the cross endorsement by doing a transcript analysis to the certification regulations for the subject area the applicant is applying for.  SCSU cannot make that judgment nor can it predict the judgment of the CT-DOE.


SCSU Program/course information contact information

Program Coordinators for each of the certification programs can be contacted through the following means;


Program Coordinators                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Art                                                                          Ms. Bonnie Judge       

Early Childhood(B-K, N-3)                         Dr.PatriciaMajor                    

Elementary Education                                  Dr. Christine Villani                                                                               

Special Education                                           Dr. Angela Lopez-Velasquez                                                               

Health Education                                           Dr. Doris Marino     

Physical Education                                        Dr. Sharon Misasi            

Science Education                                          Dr. Catherine Koehler                                                 

English                                                               Dr. Nicole Fluhr (G)               

World Languages                                          Dr. Christine Dombrowski                               

History & Social Studies                              Dr. Byron Nakamura(G)  

Mathematics                                                   Dr. Martin Hartog