Apply for Initial Certification in CT

During the semester of enrollment in the program capstone internship or practicum, the Certification Officer will provide each candidate a certification application packet for the state of Connecticut.  Application packets, in part or in whole, can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

It is the candidate's responsibility to complete the application forms and return them to the Certification Office (Davis 103) for processing.  This can be done either by mail or by dropping it off during business hours, 9 to 4 Monday through Friday.

If a candidate has completed all testing requirements and has completed all certification program coursework except student teaching and coursework in the current semester,  the candidate may submit their completed application packet within the last four weeks of the semester in which they are student teaching.  They do not need to wait until the semester is over. 

However, if you have NOT completed all of your testing requirements or are not able to complete all of the checklist items, you may not submit your application packet until you have all test scores recorded or attached or all coursework completed and recorded.


Once completed application packets have been submitted, they are reviewed for completeness.  If they are complete and judged to be acceptable, they are recorded and readied for processing.  If they are judged to be unacceptable they are returned to the candidate with a cover letter identifying why they are unacceptable.

For advanced program completers, upon notification from the candidate’s department that all program requirements have been completed, notification by the registrar that the appropriate grades and degree (if required) have been posted, and verification that qualifying scores for all appropriate certification tests have been submitted and recorded, the candidate’s application will be endorsed and returned to the candidate to be forwarded to the Connecticut State Department of Education for processing.

The candidate is then responsible for obtaining official copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities attended and the appropriate application fee in the appropriate form according to the directions from the Connecticut State Department of Education. The complete state application packet that includes the transcripts, application fee, and application form, should then be forwarded to the Connecticut State Department of Education.