CSP Diversity Committee

The CSP Department's mission seeks to prepare "practitioners in the mental health profession who contribute significantly to the social, emotional, academic and physical development of children, youth and families in a multicultural society."

Similarly, the CSP Diversity Policy includes a commitment to "providing equal access to educational opportunities through recruitment, admission, and support programs that promote diversity, and foster successful academic experiences."

The CSP department is committed to teaching multicultural competence as part of the curriculum. In pursuit of this goal, cultural diversity is immersed in all courses, students are required to take a course on Multicultural Counseling and Assessment (CSP 578), complete fieldwork in at least one diverse setting and complete additional requirements related to understanding diversity for student portfolios.

The CSP Diversity Committee was formed to support and provide accountability for these efforts. The mission of the CSP Diversity Committee is:

The Counseling and School Psychology Diversity Committee is committed to creating an inclusive community grounded in respect and appreciation for all individual differences. The Committee recognizes a broad definition of diversity, including: racial/ethnic, gender and gender orientation, sexual orientation, disability, immigrant status, socio-economic status, religion and spirituality, among others. The Diversity Committee's main function is to provide programs and resources to students that enhance knowledge and encourage understanding of diversity, as well as multicultural competence as a counselor. Additionally, the Diversity Committee can inform and assist Faculty within the department with recruitment, enrollment, education, and retention of a diverse student body.

2013-2014 CSP Diversity Committee

Faculty Co-Chairs: Drs. Misty Ginicola, Margaret Generali, & Libby Rhoades

Student Co-Chairs: Liz Demsky & Sue Schmitendorf

Public Relations Co-Chairs: Ashton Chandler & Ariel Ursitti

GSAC Liaisons: Nicole Hayes & Ursula Hartman

Recruitment Chair: Tara Pressley

Supporting Members: Licella Arboleda, Courtney Brown, Steven Palma, & Emily Ward