Student Handbooks

Students admitted to the program receive several handbooks, which detail their rights and responsibilities within the program. The following handbooks are available online:

CSP Handbooks:
2012-2013 CSP Student Handbook
2013- 2014 School of Education Handbook
Diversity Passport Handbook

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Handbooks:
CMHC Practicum and Internship Handbook
CMHC Portfolio Handbook
CMHC Comprehensive Exam

School Counseling Handbooks:
School Counseling Practicum and Internship Handbook
School Counseling Portfolio Handbook
School Counseling Comprehensive Exam

School Psychology Handbooks:
School Psychology Practicum and Internship Handbook
School Psychology Portfolio Handbook
School Psychology Program Handbook Table of Contents
School Psychology Program Handbook


CSP Library Guide:
There is a library guide available to all CSP students with detailed instructions on how to navigate Buley Library's system. The link to the CSP Library Guide can be viewed here. Contact information for the Education/CSP librarian can also be found on this site.