My undergraduate major wasn't psychology. Will I need to take the prerequisite psychology courses?

Yes. If you don't have a strong background in psychology, you must have completed the following courses or their equivalent:

Some substitutions for comparable courses may be considered. These are to be completed before beginning the program. 

Note: A completed prerequisite course is not a guarantee of admission to the program.

May I register for graduate courses prior to formal admission?

Yes. You are allowed to take up to three courses (9 credits) as a non-matriculated graduate student. It is strongly recommended that the first courses you take are the prerequisite courses (particularly SED 481/482), if you have not completed them all.

Note: Enrolling in graduate classes is not a guarantee of later admission into the program.

I've completed all of the prerequisite courses. What would be the appropriate first courses (up to the 9 credits allowed) to take in the program as a non-matriculated student?

Choose from any of these:

When will I know if I will be admitted?

When all the application materials have been received, the admissions committee will screen your application. The committee will then select the strongest candidates for a personal interview. All candidates whose applications are complete will receive written notification of the decision by the admissions committee.