Connecticut state regulations require the completion of a course in special education for all applicants seeking certification (i.e., students enrolled in our School Counseling and School Psychology programs). The regulations mandate this course be comprised of not fewer than 36 clock hours, which shall include study in understanding the growth and development of exceptional children, including handicapped and gifted and talented children and children who may require special education, and methods of identifying, planning for, and working effectively with special-needs children in the regular classroom.

Almost every university and community college in Connecticut offers a course that satisfies this requirement.  Students may take this course at Southern (SED 481 or SED 482) or at another institution.  The full list of courses in Connecticut that meet the criteria for this requirement are posted on the CT State Department of Education's Web site.  Online courses are listed toward the bottom of the full list of colleges and course titles/numbers.

Numerous students who attended college out of state have taken similar courses as part of their undergraduate training.  It is possible to have an equivalent course used to waive this requirement. To do so, you must have the syllabus for the course.  That syllabus will be submitted to the person at Southern with the authority to review your course and determine if it complies with every aspect of this state requirement.

Students who graduated from colleges out of state, and who, through reciprocity, received certification in CT as a teacher MUST TAKE THE SPECIAL EDUCATION COURSE in order to add the school counselor or school psychologist certification.