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Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification Program


The Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification Program is designed to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be  administrators in Connecticut's schools in positions ranging from Assistant Principal up to, and including, Assistant Superintendent.  


The program consists of 21 credits (8 courses) with a few additional requirements and generally takes two to two and one half years to complete.  Courses are offered during the academic year and the summer.  Courses are offered on the SCSU campus and also in certain districts through our "cohort" programs.

Program Requirements

The Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification program consists of 21 credits and other requirements as follows: 

  • EDL 680-Leadership Perspectives
  • EDL 681-Leadership Development
  • EDL 684-Learning Theory
  • EDL 685-Curriculum Development
  • EDL 683-Supervision and Staff Development
  • EDL 687-Field-based Internship (With EDL 683)
  • EDL 682-Organizational Development 
  • EDL 688- Field-based Internship II (With EDL 682)
  • Passing the State's Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT)
  • Students must take or have taken a CSDE approved special education course.

***The link to Approved Special Ed. Courses

  • A completed Technology course or portfolio submission 

The program generally takes one and a half to two years to complete, and many courses are offered during the summer sessions as well as during the Fall and Spring semesters. Once finished with all requirements, students may submit a certification packet to the State with our Department's recommendation.  Students are guided through this process by our faculty and staff. 

Provisional and Professional Educator Certifications

Provisional Educator Certification is awarded by the Connecticut State Department of Education Bureau of Certification to individuals who complete one year of administrator or supervisor service under the Initial Educator Certificate.

Professional Educator Certification is awarded to individuals who complete a Sixth Year Diploma and complete three years of intermediate administrator or supervisor service under the Provisional Educator Certificate.

Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification as a Gateway to Other Educational Options

As students work through their Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification program, they may wish to consider continuing their education through the following other options.  Please contact the Ed.D. Coordinator to clarify steps for rolling credits to the Ed.D. program:

  • Take 12 more credits (3 courses) to receive their Sixth Year Professional Diploma in Educational Leadership.  This usually results in a pay grade increase. 

  • If you do not apply for your Sixth Year Diploma, or your Intermediate Administrator (092) Certification and secure enrollment in the Ed.D./Doctoral Program, 15 credits (5 courses) may be rolled over to fulfill Ed.D. course requirements.