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David Squires

squires David Squires, Ph.D., Associate Professor


David A. Squires has spent over 40 years in education, beginning as a high school English teacher in inner city Cleveland.  After three years he moved to Pittsburgh, Pa where he worked at Churchill Areas High School teaching English.  After four years there, he applied and was accepted to a Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Supervision and worked as a graduate research assistant at the Learning Research and Development Center.After receiving his doctorate, he worked for Research for Better Schools, Inc., where he collaborated with the State Department of Education in Delaware to produce standards for schools in that state.  


After three years, he moved on to be a Curriculum Supervisor for Red Bank Public Schools in Red Bank, New Jersey.  In Red Bank, test scores during his tenure went from below grade level to above grade level in all subjects tested, partially due to a curriculum that was aligned to the current testing standards.  He was also influential in developing an early childhood education program which encompassed non-handicapped classes for 2 classes of three year olds, all four year olds in the town, full day kindergarten for all, a "bridge" program for those not ready for first grade after Kindergarten.  There were dramatic reductions of students referred to special education and those repeating grades as a result. 


After fourteen years in Red Bank, Dr. Squires moved to the Comer School Development Program at Yale University where he spent 8 years as Director of Teaching and Learning and was principal investigator of a collaborative million dollar grant with the Developmental Studies Center of Oakland, CA.  During the time at Yale, Dr. Squires developed a Balanced Curriculum, an on-line process whereby districts can use their teachers to develop and align their curriculum to current state tests and standards.  Every district that has used the process over the last 20 years and did a good job with implementation has see a rise of 10-30% in their test scores after one year of implementation. He left Yale after 8 years and pursued consulting for a year, before taking his present position at Southern Connecticut State University in the Educational Leadership Department.  His current interests include curriculum and school reform.